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Developing Greater Opportunity For
Owners & Developers Through
Representation, Education & Cooperation
Throughout the Construction Process

There is now an organization dedicated to the needs of owners and developers involved in the construction process! Associated Owners & Developers (AOD)   is a growing, dynamic association committed to creating a more favorable business environment for those who own, develop and manage real property. This website will try to be an integral part of the AOD  plan making communication to the heart of the construction industry fast and efficient. Be sure to bookmark this site and return often to keep informed...

August 2- 3, 2004: Washington, D.C.
Associated Owners & Developers (AOD) Conference
"From This Day Forward: Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Our Industry

September 10, 2004: Orlando, Florida
September 13, 2004: Miami, Florida
September 27, 2004: Atlanta, Georgia
October 1, 2004: New York, New York
Associated Owners & Developers (AOD) Conference
"New Ways to Build and Manage Projects"

AOD-2002GC Standard Form Agreement between Owner & Contractor for Work on a Cost Plus Fee Basis with a Guaranteed Maximum Contract Price

  AOD-2002GC Standard Form Agreement between Owner &
Contractor for a Fixed or Lump Sum




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