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Developing Greater Opportunity For
Owners & Developers Through
Representation, Education & Cooperation
Throughout the Construction Process

A Message from the Founder/Chairman/CEO:

For many years, architects, engineers, contractors and others have had organizations to represent their interests in the construction process.  Conspicuously absent from established organizations has been a group that solely represents owners and developers   the true catalysts for all construction projects.  AOD has been formed to represent owners' and developers' interests.  Owners and developers now have a consolidated, influential voice with respect to issues and policies that affect the construction industry, and an organization to which they can turn for information.

AOD is a national association enrolling only private and public sector owners and developers in its main membership.  By unifying owners and developers under a single association, AOD provides a unique opportunity for accomplishing a number of important goals. 

These goals are:

Providing effective communication between owners and developers and the many other construction industry participants.  AOD is the owners' mechanism for dealing responsibly with organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, the Engineers Joint Council Documents Committee, the Associated Builders and Contractors, and the Associated General Contractors, among others.  In this way, AOD hopes to promote cooperation among all players in the construction industry, so that there will be a greater likelihood that everyone can work together to produce quality projects on time and within budget.  AOD has formed a Coalition/Council, comprised of representatives from other construction industry associations, through which the interests and concerns of AOD's members may be expressed to other construction industry disciplines.  Moreover, AOD will present positions consistent with owners' and developers' interests when "form documents" are developed by other associations, and when policy decisions affecting the construction industry are made in or out of government.

Providing a forum for owners to raise and discuss design and construction issues and concerns without the sponsorship or influence of the AIA, AGC, or other interest groups.  Because AOD has members from across the country and from both private and public sectors, the interests of owners and developers in all areas and types of ownership are represented.  AOD provides a unique opportunity to obtain all ownership perspectives on the issues of the day in the industry.  AOD  will also discuss issues of interest to owners and developers in an effort to keep AOD membership apprised of current construction industry developments and issues.

Providing a means by which AOD members can receive information on issues that specifically concern their situations, buildings, or developments.  AOD is accepting a limited number of Affiliated Members, drawn from the fields of architecture, banking, construction management consulting, engineering, general contracting, insurance, law, speciality contracting, surety bonding and others, to serve on AOD's Research and Speakers' Bureaus.  AOD accepts only recognized experts in the construction field who will agree to provide current and reliable information on issues of interest to AOD and its individual members on a limited, free, and no-obligation basis.  All AOD members need do is contact the AOD Research speakers Bureau Hotline.  AOD will thenput a local Affiliated Member having the relevant expertise in contact with the member.

AOD provides its members with a unique opportunity to influence the construction process and improve their own industry knowledge.

The Monitor

AOD plans to publish the Monitor on a quarterly basis and intends the Monitor to be a brief summary of some of the current issues important to owners and developers.  For example, the Monitor will contain regular features describing recent legal developments, insurance industry topics, financing issues, environmental concerns, contracting ideas, and other similar subjects.  The Monitor will also have a Question and Answer Forum, in which AOD members can pose questions and receive answers from other members, a member of the Research and Speakers' Bureaus, or other persons whom AOD will contact to respond to the question.

The Monitor will keep members informed of upcoming AOD events and other events of interest to AOD members.    

Of course, we at AOD are interested in your suggestions and comments on issues facing owners and developers, actions that AOD should take, and topics for future issues of the Monitor.  We are excited about the future of the construction industry and the growing voice that owners and developers will have in it.

Again, to our members welcome to the Monitor.  To our readers who wish to join AOD and take advantage of the owners' and developers' voice in the construction industry   please contact us at (703) 734-2397 (Fax (703) 734-2908) or contact us by email at aod@cbrmag.com
Let us hear from you!


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