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Our Mission...

AOD's mission is to support the facility and financial interests of owners and developers by promoting education, participation, and cooperation among the individuals and organizations who support the design, development, construction, and delivery of projects.

By including Architects, Bankers, Construction Managers, Consultants, Engineers, General Contractors, Insurers, Lawyers, Specialty Contractors, and Surety Bonding Firms and others as Affiliate Members,  AOD ensures that owners and developers will have an active voice in the development of industry practices that directly affect their business.

Simply put, owners by definition are the leaders of the construction team.  AOD has been energized to equip owners with the critical tools necessary to step forward as the force that ultimately conceives, designs, builds and delivers the finished project, while cost-effectively paying the bills.

AOD works to create a more favorable business environment for owners and developers so that they can manage new and established ventures to benefit all project participants.

AOD's objectives include efforts to energize and harmonize construction industry participants by promoting concepts such as partnering, risk avoidance, and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

AOD is a growing association, committed to creating a more favorable business environment for those who own, develop and manage real property.

AOD provides "Sponsorship Opportunities" for those members who wish to donate $1,000 or more to the development of programs and research through AOD.

AOD encourages members and affiliates to participate in the following committees. As the need and opportunity arises, other committees will be formed to meet the desires of the Industry.

      • Business Practices
      • Contract Documents
      • Environmental Affairs
      • Finance
      • Government Affairs
      • International Development
      • Marketing
      • Meetings/Seminars
      • Membership
      • Project Management
      • Publications
      • Public Relations
      • Quality/Productivity
      • Technology


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