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AOD has three membership categories, as listed below. For detailed information on our growing list of members, please click your mouse on the listed membership category of choice.

  • Individual Member - an individual owner/developer.
  • Organizational Member - a company or government agency owner/developer. (O/D)
  • Individual Government/University Member - An individual from federal, state, local government; university (O/D)
  • Group Government/University Member - Multiple representatives from federal, state, local government; university (O/D)
  • Student Member - A graduate or undergraduate who would benefit from membership       
  • Affiliate Member - a non-O/D, individual or organization who serves the O/D community.

Annual Membership dues by category are as follows:

  • Individual Member - $250 for 1 individual
  • Organizational Member - $500 for 3 individuals
  • Affiliate Member - $1,000 for 1 person or organization per region
  • Individual Government or University Member - $125 for 1 individual
  • Group Government or University Member - $250 for up to 3 individuals
  • Student Member - Free
  • Sponsorship for Program/Research- Donation

Membership Application

    To apply for membership to AOD, go to the Membership Application page. Fill out the application, print and send it to AOD by mail to P.O. Box 4163, McLean, VA 22103. For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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