CICC Proclamation 

WHEREAS, the construction industry represents a vital segment of the world economy, as well as the economy of the United States; and in so doing provides many jobs and critical support to other segments of the economy; and

WHEREAS, the success of the construction industry is tied to the dedication and cooperation of its many different participants; each of which brings to this industry particular skills, expertise and dedication; and

WHEREAS, it is in the interest of the construction industry that its participants work together in harmony, respectful of one another's needs and the contributions made by each to the betterment of the industry; and

WHEREAS, it is in the interest of the industry and its participants to find new ways to cooperate, to improve the dialogue among members of the industry and to better understand industry issues; and

WHEREAS, the Council recognizes the importance of listening to construction project owners and finding ways to address their issues and concerns;
IT IS NOW this January 21, 2005, proclaimed as follows:

1.    This voluntary council, representing their respective construction-related organizations, shall be known collectively as the Construction Industry Coalition Council ("Council").

2.    Membership in the Council shall be available to the designated representative(s) of all construction-related organizations who share the Council's goals.

3.    The Council shall meet at least one (1) time per year in a location determined by the majority vote of the Council's members.

4.    Stewardship of the Council shall be a balanced representation of 12-15 members, or that number deemed reasonable and workable to the participating Council members; and shall serve for a term of (3) years; and at which time, the member may then be eligible to roll over and continue membership into the next term, if the balance of the Council agrees.

5.    The Council shall serve as a communication vehicle for the full membership of AOD and serve as a clearinghouse or resource of information.

6.    Any member of the Council shall have the opportunity to address the Council on any issue important to the member.

7.    Recognizing that the interests of all Council members will not always coincide on all matters put before the Council, nevertheless, members of the Council shall strive, in good faith, to seek those solutions to issues which are beneficial to all Council members and to the construction industry as a whole.

8.    To promote the interests of the construction industry and to benefit the industry, the Council's member organizations shall endeavor to inform their individual members of the existence and purpose of the Council.

9.    Council member organizations shall disseminate information generated by the Council to their individual members and chapters and report any issues and concerns back to the Council.

10. The Council shall serve as a resource to construction project owners, attending their meeting when invited, providing speakers or contributing information and assistance as requested.

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