The Construction Industry Coalition Council (CICC) is off and running, and is eager to work with other association representatives. Associated Owners and Developers (AOD) established CICC to help invigorate the construction industry by providing a problem-solving forum dedicated to enabling communication between owners and the rest of the industry including architects, engineers, contractors, lenders, the surety/insurance sector, subcontractors, suppliers, lawyers, construction managers, and others. 

AOD continues to actively develop CICC:

  • Comprised of representatives from other construction trade associations.

  • Encourages input from the entire spectrum of the construction industry.

  • Promotes AOD's efforts to achieve broader industry cooperation.

  • Provides input to the AOD Steering Committee and a hand-selected Task Force working to provide owners with new contract documents, aimed at delivery of a quality facility, on time and within budget.

  • First meeting of the Construction Industry Coalition Council was hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority on October 23, 1998. In attendance were 35 industry leaders including association executives in varied segments of the construction industry, commercial real estate developers' staff members, and public and private owners' representatives. All in attendance agreed that time would be well spent to further open lines of communication in order to provide added improvement to the facility design, construction, and delivery process.

  • Members hold meetings quarterly.

  • The second CICC meeting was hosted by the Surety Association of America, in their Washington, D.C. offices. This meeting was Webcast live on, with 55 of the major association executives attending. 

Contact CICC at:

PO Box 4163
McLean VA

Phone 703-734-2397 | Fax 703-734-2908

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