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Membership Benefits...

Members receive the following:

  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Construction Industry Conference
  • Industry Magazine Subscription
  • Access to AOD Industry Coalition/Council
  • Access to AOD Research Bureau
  • Access to AOD Speakers Bureau
  • Discounts for AOD Bookshop Publications
  • Discounts for AOD Annual Meeting
  • Membership Certificate
  • Special Interest Mailings

These benefits represent over $1,200 in value.  We are pleased to offer them to all members for the attractively affordable annual rates stated within this web site.

The largest benefit for Owners & Developers, however, is their ability to take advantage of the professional expertise of the Affiliate Members who are working to help enhance Members' overall knowledge and confidence; thereby providing owners the opportunity to cost-effectively take delivery of quality facilities on time, and within budget. Most importantly, all AOD members are working as a TEAM  for the overall improvement of the entire facility delivery industry.


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